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Alexia Kalteis

“All that we see or seem Is but a dream within a dream.”

Lisa-Marie Alexia Kalteis (Austrian, b. Greece 1986) holds a Bachelor in Business from Raffles Design Institute. Her alter ego, however, is an Actor. Lexi has lived in numerous countries throughout her life due to her family’s diplomatic lifestyle. Each culture having impacted her life immensely in one way or another, she is fluent in German and English, and can easily get by in Chinese, Russian, and Macedonian.
Lexi has joined island6 in the Spring of 2012 as the Performance Director, making her directorial debut for the "Ideation and Imagination" photoshoot (link to photoshoot on blog if needed).
On top of balancing her work at island6 and being a mother to her 2-year old child, Lexi will either be on stage or in front of a camera for one of her various acting projects.

After proudly volunteering at island6, Alexia left to continue her passion for dramatic art, performing in several productions with the East West Theater group and as the Head of the Theatre department for Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School (WFLPS).

Alexia Kalteis
alexia [arroba] island6.org

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