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TITLE "All These Zadigs" (这些新的人)
ARTIST Liu Dao 六岛
MEDIA RGB LED display, Chinese papercut (Jian Zhi 剪紙), paper collage, teakwood frame
DATE Made in island6, Shanghai 2014
SIZE 48(W)×67(H)×5(D) cm | 19(W)×26.4(H)×2(D) inches
2×RGB P5 PH5-RGBV1-16S-S3528-DQ
WEIGHT UNCRATED: 8.8 kg | 19.4 lb • CRATED: - kg | - lb
CRATE SIZE -(W)×-(H)×-(D) cm | -(W)×-(H)×-(D) inches
EXPOSURE “Neuro-Rhumba” at island6 ShGarden
“Blood-Money & Bitches” at island6 Marina
"Babble Jabber" at island6 Hong Kong
"Guts" at island6 Hong Kong
CREDITS Tang Dashi 汤大师 & He Dashi 贺大师 (Chinese paper cutting 剪紙) • Thomas Charvériat (art direction & technical guidance) • Jean Le Guyader (production assistant & documentation) • Yeung Sin Ching 杨倩菁 (production supervisor)

All my little Zadigs, I always think when I walk around and notice the newer people surrounding me. They’re clearly new to the city. They don’t walk past things the way me and the other life-long residents do. I’m not immune to everything, but I have to at least act as though I am. God forbid another city resident sees me aghast at something lest I look like a green myself. I try to see my city through their fresh eyes of excitement and opportunity, it’s quite fun and rejuvenating truth be told. I love when I catch one of them after they’ve seen something wretched. They usually look around rather frantically, maybe trying to confer with others around them. Something urgent in their eyes asking, Are you seeing this? What should we do? The somber answer to these inquiries is that we should do what we are already doing: nothing much at all. Those aren’t my monkeys and it’s not my circus I want to scream at them. But they’ll find out. Or, in some cases, they’ll become the one we’re all pretending not to gawk at. [Ryan Nimmo]

STATUS Available. Please contact us for inquiries.
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