"The Geometry of Binary Life" at island6 Shanghai Main Space "Tales of the Girl with the Blue Wig" at island6 Shanghai Main Space "Wallism" at island6 Shanghai Main "Swab Barcelona 2016" "Beirut Art Fair 2016"
"When the Flamingo Dreams" by Liu Dao "Butterfly Babe" by Liu Dao "Stop By" by Liu Dao "Down the Stream" by Liu Dao "A Scratch, A Scratch!" by Liu Dao "Doo-ahDoo-ahDoo-ah" by Liu Dao
"Graffiti Trophy" by Liu Dao "My Blue Wall" by Liu Dao "Where I Belong" by Liu Dao "My Gift to You" by Liu Dao "Walled Island" by Liu Dao "Shanghai Fragments" by Liu Dao
"Macau Road #660" by Liu Dao "The Great Recycler" by Liu Dao "Run, run, run" by Liu Dao "Louisa in China" by Liu Dao "My Favorite Things" by Liu Dao "All The Things You Are" by Liu Dao
"Swinging in Vacuum" by Liu Dao "Wall of Fame" by Liu Dao "Peekaboo" by Liu Dao "Shanghai's Belle Époque" by Liu Dao "Lost Heaven" by Liu Dao "The Art You See" by Liu Dao
"The Dog from the Other Room" by Liu Dao "Turn Me ON" by Liu Dao "Dream Job" by Liu Dao "Zhuangzi's Butterflies" by Liu Dao "Moganshan Wall" by Liu Dao "The Song of Zhou Xuan" by Liu Dao
"Waiting for the Next Ride" by Liu Dao "My Shirts Will Never Dry" by Liu Dao "Hatamen" by Liu Dao "Poème Symphonique for 433 Fish" by Liu Dao "The Tale of Quan Yin" by Liu Dao "Was His" by Liu Dao

András Gál

András Gál was born in Hungary. He studied History, Aesthetics and Art History in Budapest, but after college, he wanted to go abroad and travel. As nothing seemed to be more of an adventure than living in China for a while, András moved to Nanjing in 2012 where he spent four years studying Art Theory and Chinese language while becoming part of the foreign musical scene of the city. He likes playing guitar and contemplating about jazz, films, literature and contemporary art. After obtaining his master’s degree in 2016, András found island6 in Shanghai and soon became part of the creative team.

András Gál
andras [arroba] island6.org

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