"Preview Berlin 2013" with Pantocrátor Gallery "Medina 50" at island6 Shanghai Gallery "The Beauty Of Xiao Yao" by Liu Dao "Need. Want. Hunt." at island6, Hong Kong "Body-City-Mechanism" at island6, Shanghai "Tune Into Me" by Liu Dao
"Metropolis Rises" at Red Gate Gallery, Beijing "Modus Operandi" with CAP at 10Design, Hong Kong "Urban Operandi" at island6, Hong Kong "island6 for White Night" by Liu Dao "Overload: A Tale Of Officide" at island6 Hong Kong "SWAB BARCELONA 2013" with Pantocrátor Gallery
"Commute To Utopia" by Liu Dao "Hunk Of Junk" by Liu Dao "My Imaginary Friend" by Liu Dao "Muse Of Maghreb" by Liu Dao "Remixxx" by Liu Dao "Moonwalk My Way" by Liu Dao
"Barnburner Bob" by Liu Dao "The Art Of Feminity" by Liu Dao "Disconnect The Dots" by Liu Dao "No Job Too Big For PC" by Liu Dao "Restless Syndrome" by Liu Dao "Move to your Own Beat" by Liu Dao
"Bestial Moods" by Liu Dao "Cow Girl" by Liu Dao

David Keohane

Born in the west of Ireland during the glorious depression of the 1980's, David took up music at the age of seven in order to counterbalance his passion for the other great activity of the day - running around in a field shouting at things. Unfortunately for the world of professional sport, (and professional shouting), David continued to study music via several instruments, developing an unhealthy interest in the fugal and sonata forms by his early-teens.

By the mid 2000's he had completed a Master's degree in Music from the University of Limerick and was designing sound for everyone from game developers, ("your music is too weird") to interpretive dancers ("your music isn't weird enough"). By then he had also picked up a bachelor's degree in English and History from University College Cork, and had spent some time living in China where he learned two very important universal truths: China is awesome, and a green traffic light does not necessarily mean that you have right of way.

Armed with these insights, David arrived in Shanghai in late 2012, found a place to live, and then set out to find the most progressive artistic collective in one of the world's most progressive cities. A few weeks later he was able to call himself a very proud member of island6.

After a fruitful tenure at island6, Dave parted ways in 2014 to continue flexing his musical talent.

David Keohane
dave [arroba] island6.org

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