"The Space Between Here and Everywhere" at island6 Shanghai Gallery "Scribbles" at island6 Bund "Art Central Hong Kong" with Bath Street Gallery "Guts" at island6 Hong Kong "Mercedes with Benefits" at island6 Shanghai Gallery "Between Red Queens" at island6 Bund
"Babble Jabber" at island6 Hong Kong "Broken Bones and Bruises" at island6 ShGarden "Blood Money and Bitches" at island6 Marina "Moonshine Drive" by Liu Dao "Stardust a la Mode" by Liu Dao "Dead Idols, Not Quite Idle" by Liu Dao
"Options" by Liu Dao "Make It Rain" by Liu Dao "This is a Special News Bulletin" by Liu Dao "Ideas Declared Dead" by Liu Dao "Arms Racer" by Liu Dao "I Carved a Space" by Liu Dao
"Flyin' Solo" by Liu Dao "My Green Old Pine" by Liu Dao "Becoming the Future" by Liu Dao "The Grand Leap Forward" by Liu Dao "Your Personal Time Slave, Baby" by Liu Dao "Dread Pirate Roberts" by Liu Dao
"Do Not Disturb" by Liu Dao "Just as much as" by Liu Dao "Rex Max And Missy" by Liu Dao "In the Summertime" by Liu Dao

David Poppell

David Poppell writes about himself in the third person. He sits at a desk surrounded with equipment. Lights on keyboards are flashing in time with the tempo of a song. The desk is black.

Eventually everyone he knows will disappear. His friends and family are likely to die unless future medicine can cure death. His songs will still be around though. It may be that nobody is listening to them, but they are still there, floating around on discs, echoing back and forth across digital nothing.

Early on David wanted to do this, then he wanted to do that. What would make him money? What would make his parents proud? What would he like to do? What would have him be remembered?


Well maybe that would not make his parents proud initially, but any parent should be happy to see their child happy, right? RIGHT? RIGHT?!!

It’s probably safe to say that David’s parents are pretty happy with the vast array of compositions and sound art he contributed as island6 sound director. David spent the first half of 2015 making dynamic noises of all shapes and sizes that were used in such shows as “Babble Jabber” and “Between Red Queens”. He’s also the man behind island6’s amazing soundscloud and bandcamp pages.

David Poppell

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