Liu Dao "Afternoon" by Liu Dao "Before The Storm" by Liu Dao Liu Dao <Click to enlarge> "City Uniform" by Liu Dao "Penjing" by Liu Dao
"Double Bind" by Liu Dao Liu Dao "Fluttering in Xishuangbanna" by Liu Dao "Luster for the Garden of Bygone Moments" by Liu Dao Liu Dao <Click to enlarge> Liu Dao
"Qi Pao Rising" by Liu Dao "Rise of the Phoenix" by Liu Dao "She Lived There for Thirty Years" by Liu Dao "Sumeru Realm" by Liu Dao "The Glorious Hammer" by Liu Dao Liu Dao
"City Shock" by Liu Dao "Prunus Serrulata" by Liu Dao "Cai Lun’s Triumph" by Liu Dao "Anything Goes" by Liu Dao "Meditation" by Liu Dao "Fluttering Through Xishuangbanna" by Liu Dao
"Away With My Thoughts" by Liu Dao "The Beauty of Mei Hua" by Liu Dao "Providential Plunder" by Liu Dao "I Heard about Your Brother" by Liu Dao

He Dashi 贺大师

He Dashi 贺大师 collaborates with Tang Dashi 汤大师

Tang Dashi (b. Harbin, 1949) is a freelance craftswoman based in Shanghai who has been collaborating with island6 since 2007. A respected veteran at her craft, she won the 2003 Golden Prize of Culture and Art Competition in the Hei Long Jiang province, as well as the 2010 Paper Cutting Design Prize in the Expo Souvenir Design Competition.

Chinese paper cutting is an age-old art form that originated over thirteen hundred years ago. Proper paper cuttings are made from a single sheet and exist as one continuous, unbroken piece. Sections and shapes are removed in order to create images, and master paper cutting artists like Tang Dashi often produce scenes of unspeakable intricacy, detail and beauty.

As the Vice-Chairwoman of the Shanghai East-West Culture and Arts Communication Organization, Tang is particularly receptive to the spontaneous needs of Liu Dao’s multinational brainstorming. Tang works with the collective on images that emerge from the minds of island6 artists but retain a strong sense of tradition when crafted from paper. Fused with the collective's digital art, the traditional craft transcends time and ethnicity.

With Tang Dashi’s wisdom, and Liu Dao’s fervent inclination toward the new, island6’s multimedia productions carry the spirit of ancient art alongside a contemporary model that is cinematic, humorous, and mysterious.

He Dashi 贺大师

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