"SHContemporary 2011" with Red Gate Gallery "Red Gate: 20 Years - Two Generations of Artists" "Far Beyond the Firewall" "Sticky Yukky Yummy and More" by Liu Dao "Femme Fatale Fireflies" by Liu Dao "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" by Liu Dao
"The Long Gone Fou Foong Flour Mill" by Liu Dao Liu Dao <Click to enlarge> "HongXiuquan At Age 11" by Liu Dao "Goddamned Shanghai" "Puppy Love" by Liu Dao "Boudoir Vainglory" by Liu Dao
"Across the Waibaidu" at island6 Arts Center, Shanghai "Ooh La La!" at Studio Rouge, The Bund "Charleston Craze" by Liu Dao "Yuletide Vibe" by Liu Dao "Far Reached Double Happiness" by Liu Dao "Wired Blossoms and Electric Angels" at The Opposite House with Red Gate Gallery
"A Wire With A View" by Liu Dao "Peering Into Madam Soloha's Saloon" by Liu Dao "Up Until Dawn (Painting)" by Liu Dao

Jack Mur

Jack Mur was born in Paris, France, and has since lived in Canada and China. Having graduated from Shanghai Rego International School in 2011, Jack came to island6 as a summer intern to learn the ropes of marketing. Jack's main task as PR Executive has been to expand art center's presence on the internet. He is also a writer and researcher for the Liu Dao art collective. He has participated in the coordination of Red Gate Gallery's "20 Years - Two Generations of Artists" as well as SHContemporary Art Fair 2011. Currently, Jack is developing his curatorial capabilities by organizing island6's October-November exhibition "Far Beyond the Firewall". In his first week at work, he blew everyone away with his dedication so much that he was entrusted to guard the gallery while everyone was away "partying it up" in Singapore. During that time, he managed to avoid sexually harrassing any of the visitors and has since earned his stripes as an island6 veteran. Jack studied Mandarin at Jiao Tong University for a year, after which he left island6 to attend Boston University's School of Management for a degree in Marketing.

Jack was a proud volunteer at island6.

Jack Mur
jack [arroba] island6.org

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