"Need. Want. Hunt." at island6, Shanghai "Open Sky" at Changjianghui Contemporary Art Museum, Chongqing "The Cat That Eats Diodes" at island6, Shanghai "Surge Shanghai 2012" at River South Art Centre Rose Tang Rose Tang
"Kay Ai Ess Ess Ai En Gee" by Liu Dao "Dance At The Hem" by Liu Dao "Purrrrrrrrr" by Liu Dao "Tortoise Life" by Liu Dao "Courting Lady Kaolin" by Liu Dao "Jack The Fatalist And His Master" by Liu Dao
"Plucked From Seven" by Liu Dao "Sweet Pursuit" by Liu Dao "Flight Of The Two Wheeled Juggernaut" by Liu Dao "No Lights No Lycra" by Liu Dao "Leftover Woman" by Liu Dao "Lightning Strikes Twice" by Liu Dao
"Burn Baby Burn" by Liu Dao

Leela Shanker

Leela Shanker, island6's kungfu extraordinaire and Shanghai xiao long bao connoisseur, journeyed across the Pacific Ocean from Sydney to the pulsing metropolis of Shanghai in search of new experiences, new languages and a spark of that little thing called life.
Leela read law at Sydney University, but luckily for us, was rescued from the grubby hands of the legal system by her love for creative expression and communication. A 15 year veteran of the film, TV and radio industries, Leela has worked with the Australian Film Commission and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, where she provided legal advice on numerous projects involving drama and documentary production and children's content.
Leela comes from a truly rojak (diverse) ethnic background, with a Singaporean Indian dad and a Malaysian Chinese mom. In 2012, she decided to follow the melodious call of China to familiarize herself with her mother tongue at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. She is also a lover of all things electronic, which is particularly apt for her chosen stint with island6, where she blossomed as a proud volunteer. Leela was eventually called back by the sirens of university to continue her education.

Leela Shanker
leela [arroba] island6.org

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