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"You Can Not Take It Away" by Liu Dao
TITLE "You Can Not Take It Away" (似水年华)
ARTIST Liu Dao 六岛
MEDIA LED display, paper collage, stainless steel structure
DATE Made in island6, Shanghai 2009
SIZE 21×21×126 cm | 8.3×8.3×49.6 inches
TECH SPECS INPUT 200-240V AC /4.0A or 100-120V AC/6.5A 50/60 HZ (power supply model MW S-350-5)
EXPOSURE Exhibited in "LED City"
CREDITS Xiao Mao & Xiao Wang (performance) • Wang Dongma 王东马 (video animation) • Zhang Deli 张德丽 (paper collage) • Thomas Charvériat (art direction & technical guidance) • Zane Mellupe (art direction)

Youth may not be taken away, a ball shared in play between two young women belongs to neither. Across two distinct electronic panels, one quite normal plastic ball passes back and forth from the young hands whom childishly grasp at it, let it fall, retrieve it and send it back again to the other. They move in a delighted manner, a play of dreams and a shared moment of fun and intimacy. The work replicates a common sight, a game played throughout the world by children of all origins. The video sequence is more varied in visual effect, more complex in the multiple colours and festive animation of the two innocent children. They may not touch one another due to the physical confines of the medium, are virtual depictions and not tangible, their contact established by the exchange in the game. Gaiety and spontaneity are felt in this creation, the perservering spirit of youth charms and is returned to us by the sheer abandon of the two figures doing nothing other than enjoying the time taken to relax with fun. The title rings true, neither may take the ball, the symbol of contact and sharing, from one or the other: both figures have become protagonists in this silent drama of children and innocence. [Rajath Suri]

STATUS N/A. (via Red Gate Gallery)
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