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"Sweet Little Nightmare" by Liu Dao
TITLE "Sweet Little Nightmare" (小小甜蜜恶梦)
ARTIST Liu Dao 六岛
MEDIA RGB LED display, Chinese papercut (Jian Zhi 剪紙), paper collage, stainless steel frame
DATE Made in island6, Shanghai 2014
SIZE 67(W)×48(H)×7.5(D) cm | 26.4(W)×19(H)×3(D) inches
2×RGB P5 PH5-RGBV1-16S-S3528-DQ
WEIGHT UNCRATED: 8.8 kg | 19.4 lb • CRATED: - kg | - lb
CRATE SIZE -(W)×-(H)×-(D) cm | -(W)×-(H)×-(D) inches
EXPOSURE “Blood-Money & Bitches” at island6 Marina
"On Doing Laundry" at island6 Shanghai
CREDITS Tang Dashi 汤大师 & He Dashi 贺大师 (Chinese paper cutting 剪紙) • Thomas Charvériat (art direction & technical guidance) • Jean Le Guyader (production assistant & documentation) • Yeung Sin Ching 杨倩菁 (production supervisor)

The deadliest and most efficient killers on the planet are the most gorgeous, both in the literal and metaphorical sense. This has always been the way of things.  The most exquisitely colored frog or spider in the rain forest will gut you quietly without missing a step.  Tigers, and lions, and bears, and sharks carry a heavy load of our collective nightmares (justifiably so most of the time) but this fear is so often misplaced and mis-weighed. These are all literal gorgeous killers: the obvious ones you've always known of.  The metaphorical ones are the worst in every way. Often because they are people or ideas and we are the only animals that destroy ourselves with either. That girl or guy you meet who has the ability to level you.  Not because they inherently possesses this ability or tendency, but because you gave it away to them, for free and as fast as you could.  The metaphorical gorgeous killers are the worst because when you’re lying on the ground gasping, your last thought will likely have something to do with the fact that you did it to yourself, and for what reason? [Ryan Nimmo]

STATUS Available. Please contact us for inquiries.
Download the LED animation source fileHigh Resolution Photomore
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