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Developments in information and communication technologies open up numerous areas of innovation for society as a whole. They are radically modifying our practices and methods of organisation and are also a powerful vehicle for cultural renewal, based on access to knowledge and inter-creativity. At a time when the alternative globalisation movement is taking shape, the intrusion of the virtual into the world of reality is stimulating exchanges and mobility, linking cultures together and giving birth to unexpected encounters and phenomena that are creating a new eco-diversity. With the digital revolution, whose future repercussions are still virtually impossible to imagine, artists are the pioneers exploring new ways of gaining access to sense and sensibility. They are inventing forms of expression and representation that bring into play interaction, artificial intelligence and connectivity. The film Matrix describes a virtual world generated entirely by a computer programme. Like the network games, this futuristic film foreshadows the imminent arrival of very high speed networks, interconnected virtual universes and collective sensory experiences. These new practices, which will soon be available in cyberspace, are being invented and tried out today on the Internet, a genuine tool of creation, exchange and interaction with the world. Thanks to the web, everyone can create multimedia content accessible to all. In response to these developments, Le Cube offers an approach based on hands-on experience, exchange and promotion of digital talent. For all categories of amateurs, around projects led by experienced trainers, or for professionals through the residencies offered to digital artists. Exchanges, to stimulate the transfer of ideas and sharing of experience. Discovering and promoting new practitioners by means of an eclectic programme that runs throughout the year and the digital art festival, 1er CONTACT. Learning, practical experience, exchange… digital creation invites us to discover and own the new means of expression as a way of remaining in responsive to change, in touch with the present and keeping a step ahead.

Nils Aziosmanoff
Chairman of ART3000 - Le Cube

 Lecture on Digital Arts: presentation of Le Cube and Factoid. Guest speakers:
 Nils & Florent Aziosmanoff, president and creative director of Le Cube.
 Valère Terrier, co-founder of Factoid and president of Visual System.
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