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Rajath Suri

Rajath Suri (born 1970, Montréal) is an autodidact artist/curator/critic/poet and writer. He began as a freelance journalist in 1987 followed by independent investigations and research in sociopolitical experiments in film and theatre.

As an artist and curator he has acted as an assistant director for “Les Ateliers Graff”, Center for Contemporary Printmaking, Montréal (Canada), “Isart”, Independent Center for Contemporary Art, Montréal (Canada), and artistic director for “DDM Warehouse”, Center for Experimental Art, Shanghai (PRC) where he spearheaded over 14 exhibitions, in-situ creations and events from 2005-2006 with an axis of emergent artists from across Southeast Asia. Independent projects include artistic consultancy/direction for local and international figures in contemporary and experimental art within Mainland China.

As a literary figure and critic/editor, he has acted as editor-in-chief for “Images: Revue Interculturelles”, Montréal (Canada); associate editor for “Ruptures: Literary Review of the Three Americas”, Montréal (Canada); the “Chinese Contemporary International Poetry Quarterly”, Chongqing (PRC); “Ling Du” (Zero Writing), Literary Samizdat Journal, Shanghai (PRC); “Poetry Circle Quarterly” (Hong Kong) and “Sa Jiao Literary Review”, Shanghai (PRC). He was featured as a principle editor for the “2004 Anthology of New Chinese Poetry in Translation”, Chongqing (PRC), a seminal project towards the promotion of new literature and poetry on an international scale. He has acted as an associate editor of “Yishushijie (Artworld) Magazine” since 2003. Since his arrival to Shanghai in 2001, he has been the author of over 140 critical texts relating to contemporary art and performance published by both private and public press.

Regarding his own poetry, the seminal poet/performance artist of the Neo-Avant Garde movement, Julien Blaine cites him as “a poetic of exquisite sensitivity…reminiscent of Giorno… with a profound sense of spirituality belonging to neither the Occident nor Orient”. The NYC based poet/video/performance artist Ellen Zweig describes him as ”a self-styled, ecstatic lyricist”.

His engagement in film and theatre brought him to work in concert as artistic director for the “Chinese and South East Asian Independent Film Festival“, Montréal (Canada), Pan Production Studio/Barrandov Studios, Prague (Czech Republic), numerous documentary and television projects (BBC Channel 4) and cultural editor of Shanghai Television/Shanghai Broadcast Network.

Contemporary Dance/Theatre works include his involvement in productions for “The Other Theatre”, Montréal (Canada), “L’Agora de la Danse”, Montréal (Canada), and “Zuhe Niao”, Shanghai (PRC). He has published extensively on the topics of Butoh, performance art and the evolution of physical theatre.

Current projects include acting as a literary consultant and editor for the forthcoming Pan-Asian edition of “Doc(K)s- Review of New Literature”, Marseille (France), an exploration into the emergence of new writing/visual experimentation in the Orient, the production of an independent documentary film and a volume of new poetry.

Rajath Suri

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