"Art On Paper 2016" with Tally Beck Contemporary "Electric Shanghai" "Plugged In" "Scope New York Artfair 2011" with Tally Beck Contemporary "Scope Basel Artfair 2011" with Tally Beck Contemporary "Sin City: Impressions of Shanghai" at TBC, NY
"May 1st - Representation of Working Class" by Liu Dao "Forbidden City" by Liu Dao "Voodoo Warm Up" by Liu Dao "Shanghai Twins" by Liu Dao "Bund Queueing" by Liu Dao "Hongkou Flashers" by Liu Dao
"Canidrome" by Liu Dao "City Maker" by Liu Dao "July in Hangzhou" by Liu Dao "Smoking Bund" by Liu Dao "Qi Pao Rising" by Liu Dao "City Uniform" by Liu Dao
"Flying Away" by Liu Dao "Rickshaw Going By" by Liu Dao "Qi Pao Crush" by Liu Dao "We dream in order to forget" by Liu Dao "Feast of the Nanking Cherry" by Liu Dao "Night School" by Liu Dao
"He Xiangu's Shoes" by Liu Dao "The Legs Of Lemuria" by Liu Dao "Rise of the Phoenix" by Liu Dao "Thin Skin" by Liu Dao "Daofu" by Liu Dao "Double Bind" by Liu Dao
"I Know Why The Caged Birds Sing" by Liu Dao "Dong Dong" by Liu Dao "Shaolin Monk" by Liu Dao "The Wrath of Lei Zi" by Liu Dao "The Utterly Immaterial Existence of Creatures that Aren't Us" by Liu Dao "Rrrrrr!" by Liu Dao
"Big Sister" by Liu Dao "Doggy in The Window" by Liu Dao "Red Bean Lollipop" by Liu Dao "Love on a Wire" by Liu Dao "Swirls of Fluids" by Liu Dao "Famous Flower 1932" by Liu Dao
"Blossom Fever on Avenue Joffre" by Liu Dao "The Sound of Leaves Departing From a Silent Tree" by Liu Dao "Love Lane Affair" by Liu Dao "Twenty Toes" by Liu Dao "Make My Skin Crawl" by Liu Dao "Smoking Red Shoes" by Liu Dao
"Paramount Peaches" by Liu Dao "Poley Moley" by Liu Dao "She Lived There for Thirty Years" by Liu Dao "Beijing Prima Donna" by Liu Dao "Unravelling Conspiracy" by Liu Dao "Puppy Dog's Tails" by Liu Dao
"Chip Crack Charity" by Liu Dao "Lucky Dragon #5" by Liu Dao "It Was Beautiful, and Everything Was OK" by Liu Dao "Make It Rain" by Liu Dao "Native Affection" by Liu Dao "High Wire, High Stakes" by Liu Dao
"I hadn’t really noticed" by Liu Dao "I Heard about Your Brother" by Liu Dao "Get Lit" by Liu Dao "Scribbles" by Liu Dao "Halaaniani's Long Ride" by Liu Dao "I Dream Just of Dollars" by Liu Dao

Tally Beck Contemporary

Tally Beck Contemporary is an art organization and consultancy based in Bangkok with a gallery on New York’s Lower East Side, on 42 Rivington Street. Tally Beck Contemporary specializes in Asian contemporary art and has worked closely with artists and organizations around to world to promote the emerging Asian art scene.

In 2011, island6 collaborated with Tally Beck Contemporary for the first time with the electronic art show "Plugged In". The show captured “a vision of Shanghai that is part real, part imagined. The bright lights of their LED medium reflect the neon soaked skyline of contemporary Shanghai, while the imagery evokes a romanticized impression of the city's colonial past, replete with discomfiting wafts of orientalism and exoticism that is inexorably linked to the collective memory of "The Paris of the East." (Tally Beck Contemporary) Featuring 14 stunning pieces including “Rickshaw Going By”“Qipao Rising” and “Night School”, the show was impeccably curated by Tally Beck, owner of Tally Beck Contemporary and renowned specialist in Asian contemporary art. It opened to great press and glowing reviews in January 2011 and ran till March 2011.

Over the past years, Tally Beck Contemporary has brought the Liu Dao collective to various major art fairs such as Scope New York in March 2011 and Scope Basel in June 2011 and in 2012, island6 had another solo show at the Tally Beck gallery -"Sin City - Impressions of Shanghai": New Work by island6.  Curated personally by Tally Beck, it is a continuation of island6's in-house show "Goddamned Shanghai"Sin City explored the seedier side of life in 1930s Shanghai and drew parallels between the Chinese metropolis and the hustle and bustle of New York.

Tally Beck
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