"Goddamned Shanghai" "Famous Flower 1932" by Liu Dao "Many Men and One Lily" by Liu Dao "Ling Long Lady" by Liu Dao "Make My Skin Crawl" by Liu Dao "What Would Dante Do?" by Liu Dao
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Tanguy Laurent

Tangguy is the conceptual and eclectic combination of two very critical minds forever bonded within a humanist sense of art. His creative intensity is reflected in his poetical and philosophical traits which in turn has shaped his unique understanding of life and what it means to live.

'Curiosity and diplomacy' are still important to him and, in many ways, he still retains the social innocence of his kindergarten days. (Which he thanks his mother for, 'Thanks, mum.')

He would love to be called the skinny aquiline Parisian, but is mostly thought of as the odd man out wherever he is. However, island6 welcomes his “quirky” mind that whimsical ideas constantly shroud. Oh! He has a BA in Marketing from EMLV Paris, and he has a emotional attachment to the 30’s. He is currently a hybrid Designer / Advertiser at BETC design.

Tanguy is a proud volunteer at island6.

Tanguy Laurent
tanguy [arroba] island6.org

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