"Guilty As Sin" at island6 Bund "Bark! Hop! Swim! Repeat." at island6 ShGarden "Melted Paraffin Wax" at island6 Bund "Babas and Yayas" at island6 Marina "Never Talk to Strangers" at island6 ShGarden "The Artist Always Gets Paid Last" at island6 Bund
"Through The Wormhole" at island6 Shanghai "island6 Bund Grand Opening" "Do not Toy with me" by Liu Dao "Pushing and Pulling" by Liu Dao "Qianlong Antiquity" by Liu Dao "Sparks Went Up" by Liu Dao
"Keeping Up Appearances" by Liu Dao "Serious Shenanigans" by Liu Dao "Peranakan Beauty" by Liu Dao "Providential Plunder" by Liu Dao "Metropolitan Lives" by Liu Dao "Cranberry Blue" by Liu Dao
"Silken Sad Uncertain" by Liu Dao "Follow the Steps" by Liu Dao "The Reluctant Chauffeur" by Liu Dao "Butterfly Lovers" by Liu Dao "Urban Chariot" by Liu Dao "F for Facetious" by Liu Dao
"Following Master Sai-Fon" by Liu Dao "Porcelain Pleasure" by Liu Dao "Listener's Discretion Advised" by Liu Dao "Snap" by Liu Dao "Irrefutable Right to Dream" by Liu Dao "Picture Perfect" by Liu Dao
"Bell Chamber" by Liu Dao "Best of Days" by Liu Dao "Domestic Phantasm" by Liu Dao "Love It or Take It" by Liu Dao "Mascara Offender" by Liu Dao "OCD Monument" by Liu Dao
"Paint by Numbers" by Liu Dao "Fool me Twice, Shame on me" by Liu Dao "Pay Back" by Liu Dao "Rosy Lips and Cheeks" by Liu Dao "A Paw above the Rest" by Liu Dao "Where the Rivers Turn Gold" by Liu Dao
"Loose Change" by Liu Dao

Weronika Nossowicz

Weronika Nossowicz was born in the warmth of June 1989. Instead of loving the sunshine and colors of warm seasons like many other summer children, she found herself fascinated by the gloomy, murky and grim. So naturally at the age of 19 she emigrated to England to study criminology with sociology.

Always being a creative person, in 2010 Weronika moved to the small town of Northampton and started a degree in Illustration. During her final year she designed a book for Polish folk tales that she grew up with. She started working with traditional media, watercolor, ink as well as digital painting. After 3 years of fog, rain and fish & chips she, finally completed her degree and set off to Shanghai, where she found island6.

In October of 2014, Weronika moved on to become the Gallery Director of a private international art gallery in Shanghai.

Weronika Nossowicz
weronika [arroba] island6.org

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