"Between Red Queens" at island6 Bund "Broken Bones and Bruises" at island6 ShGarden "Babble Jabber" at island6 Hong Kong "Under the Glow of the Red Lanterns" at island6 Marina "On Doing Laundry" at island6 Shanghai Gallery "No Boat, No Brio" at island6 Marina
"Blood-Money and Bitches" at island6 Marina "Neuro-Rhumba" at island6 ShGarden
"Měinǚ Maniac" by Liu Dao "Master of Pleasure" by Liu Dao "Dignity of the Fuel" by Liu Dao "My Green Old Pine" by Liu Dao "A Piece Of Prosperity" by Liu Dao "Evolving Urban Romance" by Liu Dao
"Welcome to the Petting Zoo!" by Liu Dao "Sounds You Can't Hear" by Liu Dao

Lin Zang 臧琳

As a result of her passion for and experience within the underground music scene in Beijing, Lin moved to London with the intent to learn as much as she could about every facet of the commercialization of dance music. However, before she outgrew her inner raver, Lin was forced to face her undeniable affection for art when she kicked started her study of arts administration at Goldsmiths. There, Lin experienced a strange warm feeling when she set an empty wine bottle next to Richard Wentworth's 1984 sculpture "Siege" at Tate Modern. It had been her very first educational art tour at the gallery, and then all of sudden, after successfully 'intervened' the piece, her thirst for being close to art - or whatever it is - was awakened. Lin was determined to find out what makes "cool" cool, what makes "disturbing" disturbing, what makes the "ugliness" somehow attractive and even appealing to people... Lin began another master's degree at Goldsmiths, where she continued to reflect on the myriad philosophical realms of contemporary art.
That's Lin - Made in China, once deep matched in the UK, now facilitating between East and West at island6.

Lin Zang
lin [arroba] island6.org

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