"Foo Dog Lions" (福狗狮子)
"Foo Dog Lions" by island6 Art Collective (Liu Dao)
// BLURB //
Originating in China, anyone who’s traveled throughout Asia will tell you that Foo Dogs are a common sight to see. As symbols, they act as a means of protection for the structure (the male lion) and for the people inside (the female). However, lions, while not indigenous to China, somehow made their way to imperial palaces, courts, tombs, and eventually to their homes as auspicious signs of status and fortune, and were likely imported by Buddhist missionaries travelling through China thousands of years ago. In the 16th century, Matteo Ricci introduced calendarial science and a “complete and great map of the world”, which he created with Chinese characters. Ricci’s contributions allowed for accurate prediction of solar eclipses and other significant celestial occurrences, giving him sagatic capital with which converted several high-ranking government officials. Today, what lasting cultural advancements have been imported? Apple? Gucci? The golden arches? What will adorn doorways and mantles in 2,000 years? If we pray to our corporate gods hard enough, maybe we will be rewarded with infinity rooms full of pumpkins or diamond-encrusted skulls or beautiful silver balloon bunnies. Maybe we’ll get to keep the Foo Dog Lions.
Available. Please CONTACT US for inquiries.
Unique Edition, Shanghai 2019
RGB LED display, acrylic painting on Plexiglass, Indonesian Merbau wood frame
120(W)×120(H)×6.5(D) cm // 46 kg
• 1×SLC SD Card
• 7×MWLPV-60-5 (INPUT 100~240VAC@1.2A / OUTPUT 5V@8A)
• 1×MWLPV20-5 (INPUT 100~240VAC@0.55A / OUTPUT 5V@3A)
• (28+1 spare)×RGB P5(2727)-3232-8S-V1.0 / BF181203-HS
132(W)×132(H)×21(D) cm // 86.9 kg
Perimeters, Edges, and Walls” at island6 Shanghai Main Space
Wang Tie Zhong 王铁中 (painting) • Thomas Charvériat (art direction & animation) • Yeung Sin Ching 杨倩菁 (production supervisor) • Carlin Reinig (blurb)

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