“Chi Fan For Charity” (Chi Fan慈善晚宴)
On the evening of Saturday, November 14th 2015, island6 opened the doors for the annual Chi Fan for Charity after-party. This non-profit group raises money for charitable organizations such as Home Sweet Home, Stepping Stones and World Academy of Future Women by using an innovative sponsorship and donation model. Local restaurants and businesses donate their food and services, all of which are auctioned off during the event, 100% of proceeds going to the aforementioned charities. island6 was more than happy to donate its space for the night, which raised an amazing amount of money that went to some wonderful causes. The island6 main space was rocked and shaken to its core in the name of charitable donations and helping those less fortunate. November 14th was jam-packed with VIPs, fine wines, artwork and tequila. The mix worked perfectly to help party-goers donate cash to Home Sweet Home, Stepping Stones and World Academy of Future Women.
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