All island6's artworks are made using museum-grade materials.
island6 artists use industrial components that have been tested repeatedly.
island6 artists work under guidance of professional technicians in the realization of every artwork.
THE BAD NEWS (Legal Disclaimer)
For many legal reasons too numerous to cite on this page, island6’s artworks come "AS IS" without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.
The entire risk as to the results and performances of the artworks are assumed by you. The artwork is your own responsibility.
island6 and its artists are not responsible for any damage to property or bodily injuries of any kind that arise from the use of the artwork regardless of the cause, including but not limited to fire or electrical hazards or, in the case of laser artworks, any eye injuries that may occur. If in doubt, do not open, do not touch and/or do not connect to an outlet. Seek professional assistance and always get appropriate insurance coverage.
island6 is not responsible for any alteration of the artwork due to the natural evolution of component materials.
We take our art as seriously as our clients.
A malfunctioning or imperfect artwork does not promote the artist, and in most cases it is in the artist’s best interest to do anything humanly possible to fix the problem.
The artists want to assist you for life, but please remember that they don’t make much money, as island6 is run on a not-for-profit basis. They work out of passion rather than pay.
With proper care and maintenance, island6 artworks will give you many, many years of joy. Please read up on how to care for your artwork on the paragraph below.
The majority of island6 artworks are beautifully crafted, unique editions and handmade. They employ museum-grade materials and have been put together with meticulous skill and experience. 
A high quality LED, like the type that island6 uses, will function for well over 100,000 hours in its capacity as a light-emitting diode. A LED does not burn out like a standard lamp, so individual diodes do not need to be replaced on an array. Instead, the diodes gradually produce lower output levels over a very long period of time. If one LED fails, it does not produce a complete fixture outage.
Similarly, the video players and neon tubes used are from quality-controlled suppliers who also supply such components to large electronics companies. 
New media artwork is thrilling and engaging; however, due to the nature of the electronic media, they can also be quite fragile. A computer or any other electrical component won’t last forever, especially if it’s not well maintained. But with proper care, an island6 work can last for many years without any repairs needed. 
Here are some pointers on how to care for your artwork:
Always wear cotton gloves whilst handling, installing or moving an artwork.
Artworks should always be handled, installed or carried carefully by at least two people.
Ensure that the working/ installation area is clean, dry and there is not much “traffic” around. 
Ensure that facilities allow you to move-in / carry the objects smoothly without complications.  
(i.e. Check in advance if there are limitations with sizes of doors, stairways, elevators, etc.) 
Whilst moving, shipping or storing, protect artworks from the elements with foam wrap or bubble wrap.
Protect your artwork from overheating.
Do not hang in strong ultraviolet radiation, such as direct sunlight.
Hang your artwork in a well-ventilated and air-conditioned room.
Always use professional glass/ stainless steel cleaner/ high grade teak oil to clean your artwork. Use damp soft cloth to wipe the artwork; never spray products directly onto it.
Turn the artwork off when leaving the house.
Whilst installing/ handling, do not tilt or turn the work to protect the fragile electrical components.
Always use professional glass/ stainless steel cleaner/ high grade teak oil to clean your artwork. Use damp soft cloth to wipe the artwork; never spray products directly onto it.
The furniture pieces are authentic Concession-style antiques. Do not rest heavy objects on it and avoid touching it with bare hands, as sweat and grease from your fingers might stain the furniture.
Never lean the surface of your canvas on a pointed or sharp object, no matter how small it seems, as this will leave a dent on your canvas.
Avoid hanging in direct sunlight.
Dust regularly to prevent a buildup of dirt that might crack the surface of the artwork. 
Avoid exposure to extreme heat/ cold/ humidity.
Always unplug your sign before cleaning.
Protect your artwork from overheating.
Hang your artwork in a well-ventilated and air-conditioned room. 
Use a slightly damp, soft cloth to wipe the artwork; never spray products directly onto it. Be very gentle and careful not to unplug the wires the connect the bulbs.
Turn the artwork off when leaving the house.
As with any electronic device, keep water away from the neon.
Please note that at times, neons may cause interference with radios, TVs and remote controls. You may wish to avoid plugging your sign in the path of such equipment.
For a period of one year, unless stipulated otherwise like in the case of public display, the artists at island6 will always repair an artwork and replace parts for free IF a customer ships or brings it back to island6 production studio in Shanghai.
After one year, island6 cannot guarantee any gratuitous goods or services, but will provide help and guidance when possible.
In any case where the artwork is not functioning properly due to accident, abuse, liquid spill or submersion, neglect, misuse (including faulty installation, repair, or maintenance by anyone other than island6 technicians), unauthorized modification, extreme environment (including extreme temperature or humidity), extreme physical or electrical stress or interference, fluctuation or surges of electrical power, lightning, static electricity, fire, acts of God or other external causes, the artists regret to say that no free repairs can be given.
Customers are welcome to hire island6 technicians to repair, update or alter their artworks (with artists' agreement) for a fee of USD$20 per technician, per hour.
In most cases, the artwork’s value will have doubled since the date you purchased it, and the small repair fee given to the artists will not only be a great investment on your part, but will also greatly help the artists to continue making more artworks.
The price quoted to a customer doesn’t include delivery fees or installation. Once in a while, island6 offers their services of logistical organization free of charge to their clients, mainly out of courtesy but more to ensure ease of delivery. However, we are not a shipping company; we work closely with DHL and use our trusted agent. Shipping fees are calculated on a combined basis of weight, value (for insurance purposes), and destination. We ensure the artwork is properly crated, hand packed, and correctly shipped to its intended destination, but ultimately we do not take responsibility. Upon being shipped, the client will receive a tracking number so they can check the artwork's progress and plan accordingly for its arrival. Please note that if an artwork is returned to us due to an inaccurate or incorrect address, or because it was declined or undeliverable, island6 reserves the right to retain the original shipping and handling fee, and to charge the payment method originally used for costs we incur related to the return of the undeliverable artwork to us.
Is the artwork insured during shipping?
Yes, we do have an insurance policy that covers your artwork against being lost or damaged during shipping.

How quickly will I receive my artwork?
We normally expect you to receive your artwork within 7 working days.

Can this be quicker?
Unfortunately, no. However you will receive a tracking number making sure you will be able to see your artwork's journey and estimate its delivery time.

Can you help me with sorting out my customs tax?
No, we do not under any circumstances get involved with the customs side of the transaction. We are unable to issue invoices with false information and expect our customers to abide by laws and regulations of their country. Everyone is entitled to pay their customs tax.

Other than customs tax, will I incur any extra delivery charges?
No, the price as agreed with your art consultant is the final price you pay, and we do not expect any extra remuneration for our logistical services and neither does our delivery agent.
When purchasing any medium of artwork, whether it be photography or painting, there is always a shelf life. For example, photographs can yellow with age, canvas can stretch, and paint can crack. The lifetime of your digital artwork, although it is made from museum grade materials, is still entirely dependent on the level of care you show it. There are a number of ways you can ensure your artwork is well cared for, please refer to the HOW TO CARE FOR YOUR ISLAND6 ARTWORK paragraph but also please bear in mind the following:
When transporting or moving your artwork, please use its original wooden crate and handle with care to ensure the electronic components receive no shock upon impact
Always make sure the artwork is displayed in a well-ventilated room
Please keep moving your artwork to a minimum
Above all, please remember that you are not buying an appliance; you are purchasing a work of art. The frame and electronics are merely commodities that support pieces of artwork, which remain inside the piece - this includes the animation, papercut or the painted pieces. To ensure these are correctly preserved, please follow the aforementioned guidelines.
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