"Draw A Line In Between" (在两者之间画一条线​​​​​​​)
"Draw A Line In Between" by island6 Art Collective (Liu Dao)
// BLURB //
The Volkswagen Beetle is one of the most successful designs of all time. Its curves are iconic, cute, beautiful and, some might say, artistic. Sure enough, if you take it out of context and lift it off the road it belongs to, sentimental nostalgic feelings might alter the car’s shapes. It is a contradiction in itself.  But… never believe what you see, even if design seems to be slowly losing its primary function. When this happens, recycling may be the only option. But is it really possible to transform design into art? How can something fulfill needs while the only thing it needs is autotelic existence? Can it still remain what it is once it’s only appreciated for its looks, not for its performance? Can it ask if it has nothing but answers? Chances are it will always be stuck in between the two. Even if it’s in a museum. Even if it’s surrounded by artworks. Even if it’s painted kind of yellow.
SOLD. Private Collection, South Pasadena, CA (U.S.A).
Unique Edition, Shanghai 2017
RGB LED display, acrylic painting on Plexiglas, paper collage, teakwood frame
52(W)×52(H)×5.5(D) cm // 9.5 kg
• SLC SD Card
• 2×MWLPV20-5 (INPUT 100~240VAC@0.55A / OUTPUT 5V@3A)
• (1+1 spare)×RGB P4-L830-8S-1921V3.5 / D180188
65(W)×65(H)×18.5(D) cm // 21.5 kg
The Geometry Of Binary Life
Yeung Sin Ching 杨倩菁 (production supervisor) • Jin Yun 金云 (painting) • Owen 欧文 (painting) • Thomas Charvériat (art direction, animation & technical guidance) • András Gál (blurb & documentation)
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