"Fleeing From Taikoo Shing" (流浪太古城)
"Fleeing From Taikoo Shing" by island6 Art Collective (Liu Dao)
// BLURB //
Upon seeing his reflection for the first time, Narcissus fell in love and died staring at himself, in his place sprouted a white flower. Natural pools of water were our first mirrors, eventually evolving to the metal covered glass structures we know today. The use of mirrors, reflections, and distortions, has always been popular with artists worldwide, as well as with curious individuals in their attempt to craft transitional narratives around perceptions of the self and the world around. In 1961 Italian artist Michelangelo Pistoletto created his most iconic works yet. Quadri specchianti or “mirror paintings”, consisted of paintings of close friends and family applied to sheets of reflective stainless steel. Hanged off the walls, audiences would find themselves “inside” these rectangular encounters, resulting in the ultimate creative collaboration! Just four years later, Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama presented the first of many Infinity Mirror Rooms, known as Phalli’s Field (1965). Simply a small room with four mirrored walls creating the illusion of endless space, disorienting and transporting participants into a transcendental void. It turned out it’s also a great place to snap a photo, as a matter of fact cab rearview mirrors make great photo ops as well. While we’re fleeing from Taikoo Shing why don’t you raise your camera and take a quick selfie with me?
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Unique Edition, Shanghai 2021
TFT display, CCD camera, acrylic painting on Plexiglass, teakwood frame
51.2(W)×51.2(H)×5.5(D) cm // 7.5 kg
• 1×1/3" Sony SUPER HAD II CCD (HS1177) with OSD, 600TVL, 10 mm lens (INPUT DC5~22V)
• 1×TFT 7" TFT LCD display with LED backlight - GD102M03-GTI070TN92-W-RM (INPUT 12V)
• 1×MWLPV20-12 (INPUT 100~240VAC@0.55A / OUTPUT 12V@1.67A)
65(W)×65(H)×18.5(D) cm // 21.5 kg
Full Throttle Ahead” at island6 Shanghai
Liu Run Jia 刘润佳 (painting) • Thomas Charvériat (art direction) • Yeung Sin Ching 杨倩菁 (production supervisor) • Tiara Alvarado-Leon (blurb)
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