"Floating Waves" (一池春水)
"Floating Waves" by island6 Art Collective (Liu Dao)
// BLURB //
Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. 世上本无事, 庸人自扰之 - Confucius
Every organism on Earth is related. If you were to trace back the lineage of everything and anything that ever existed, they would all converge to a single point of origin – the beginning of life. One theory suggests that life began in a warm little pond. In a letter to Joseph Hooker (1871), Charles Darwin expressed his speculations on the subject but nothing more. Swim forward to the 1950s where Harold Urey and Stanley Miller tested the famous hypothesis with resounding success! Although the theory has been proven to be possible, the nature of this question means that a simple “yes” or “no” answer is not enough, and reality is much more complex than that. In fact, life is a series of trials and errors, and what matters most is not how many times you’ve fallen but how many times you’ve gotten back up! In Chinese mythology there’s a story about a golden koi fish who swam upstream the Yellow River in China trying to get to the top of the waterfall, after 100 years of jumping he finally succeeded and was rewarded by the gods. Moral of the story? No matter how many times you tumble, keep persevering, the best moments of your life might be just a splash away.
SOLD. Private Collection, De Pinte, Belgium.
Unique Edition, Shanghai 2020
RGB LED display, acrylic painting on Plexiglass, teak wood frame
51(W)×51(H)×5.5(D) cm // 9.7 kg
• 1×SLC SD Card
• 4×MWLPV20-5 (INPUT 100~240VAC@0.55A / OUTPUT 5V@3A)
• (3+1 spare)×RGB P4-1921-64X32-8S-M3 / SWP4200924MMFF-0412/200
65(W)×65(H)×18.5(D) cm // 21.5 kg
Food As Art As Food” at island6 Shanghai
Wang Chuanwen 王传文 (painting) • Lena Shchecbakova (performance) • Yeung Sin Ching 杨倩菁 (production supervisor) • Thomas Charvériat (art direction & animation)
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