"Tragedy Of The Commons" (公地悲剧)
// BLURB //
Let’s reach for the sky. No, seriously, let’s reach the limits of it by expanding infinitely in the universe until we will colonize each and every last planet in the unknown vastness of space. We’ll start with our galaxy and then we’ll blaze out to the nearest ones and continue until the job is done. Perfectly done? Aiming for that would be equal to insanity. A perfect planet would be an ambition too big to bear already, not to mention the seemingly smaller goals of a perfect individual or piece of art. But the desire to be omnipotent and to experience every bit of the universe keeps my imagination alive. That’s the spark with which I’ve equipped myself after I was dropped in this planet. The fact that it’s the wrong one does bother me. But that’s okay, I’ll start by dominating this one, and then move toward the sky.
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Unique Edition, Shanghai 2018
Gongbi painting (工笔) on rice paper, teakwood frame
64(W)×46.5(H)×2.5(D) cm // 3.4 kg (framed)
69(W)×54(H)×12(D) cm // 8.6 kg
• “Disaster Diaries” at island6 Shanghai Main Space
Wang Tie Zhong 王铁中 (Gongbi) • Yeung Sin Ching 杨倩菁 (production supervisor) • Thomas Charvériat (art direction) • Irmantas Bortnikas (blurb & documentation)
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