"Walkin'in my third favorite Smell in all of Creation"
"Walkin'in my third favorite Smell in all of Creation" by island6 Art Collective (Liu Dao)
// BLURB //
The moment I walked in I could smell my third favorite smell in all of creation, at least out of everything I’d gathered through my nose so far, wafting all around her, the prettiest girl in the whole entire town, which was pretty small, only three fast-food Chinese restaurants here, all of which happened to have a Jenny Ngyuen, but China Star’s Jenny had something special, I thought to myself, or was it written on my face, she gave me a look, handed me my food, the same smell, the same plastic bag, "Thank You :)” , and I paid the bill, drifted out the door so I could keep on, keep left, next stop the Korean market, hoping to score one of those Japanese sodas, sometimes only one left, that old little corner refrigerator, satiate my thirst, on the way again, meet my buddy who’d flown in last night, all the fuckin’ way from Florence, blasting his rental car radio, weird Italian opera metal music, my little town, a makeshift picnic, eat at the park, eat up the scenery, local museum, French art gallery, feet excited, new footprints, good times, old friend, great smells, Italian leather, sweat, sweet and sour chicken.
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Unique Edition, Shanghai 2016-2019
RGB LED display, acrylic painting on Plexiglass, black-stained teak wood frame
52(W)×52(H)×5.5(D) cm // 9.1 kg
• 1×SLC SD Card
• 3×ELN-30-5 (INPUT 100~240VAC@0.75A / OUTPUT 5V@5A)
• 2×RGB P4-1921-64X32-8S-S1 / SWP4190826XMJF-0238/7112
68(W)×68(H)×20(D) cm // 14.6 kg
Perimeters, Edges, and Walls” at island6 Shanghai Main Space
Jin Yun 金云 (painting) • Thomas Charvériat (animation, documentation & art direction) • Yeung Sin Ching 杨倩菁 (production supervisor) • Mychaelangelo Norkus (blurb)
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