“Flashbulb on Memory Lane” (闪光灯记忆之路)
“Flashbulb on Memory Lane” exhibition poster

Past, present, and future combine to create one singular, paradoxical event: the individual. The human being, coming from the past, living in the present, and anticipating the future, does not know everything of his or her origin—one only has the stories and traditions that have survived. Origin and identity are closely interwoven, and many artists, philosophers, and scientists have asked questions about the authenticity of the self-moving-forward. There is an unseen river flowing beneath each thought, word, and action as one feels their way through this existence. We have not had access to these refreshing waters, although they do show themselves from time to time in our interactions and in our obsessions. Modern science today is science fiction of the past. Our ability to synthesize and interpret the natural world has led down an increasing path of manipulation of our surroundings and perceptions – not unlike gods or artists. The relatively new field of epigenetic research focuses on origin, specifically of non-genetic biological origins of behavior. Of course, these researchers are pointing toward an age-old question: Does the past hold the keys of the future? Liu Dao’s latest exhibition “Flashbulb on Memory Lane” explores this question and more. [FULL TEXT]
From February 21st to April 17th, 2019
Thursday, February 21st, 2019 from 7:00-10:00 pm (by invitation-only event, please fill this FORM to be added to the guest-list)
Carlin Reinig & András Gál
Thomas Charvériat & Nick Hersey
Lu Xiao Tian 陆晓添, Tang Dashi 汤大师 & He Dashi 贺大师, Owen 欧文
Serena Charvériat-Young 杨倩菁​​​​​​​, Iris Gardener
island6 Main Space, 50 Moganshan Road, building #6, 2/F, Shanghai
2. Baoan
3. Bianhua
4. Butterfly Menace
5. Larger Than Life
6. Scribbles
7. The Hidden Beauty
8. This Moment is Gine
9. What Lies Behind...

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